That’s how we started.

Two families, a vision, and a lot of love for the natural paradise where we lived.

Those were not easy times.

The credit we were asked for to purchase the campsite weighted on us. A lot.
But nothing was going to stop us.

We were determined to maintain and fight for the wonderful natural surroundings of Los Picos de Europa.

We invested a lot of effort and a lot of money, but little by little, we took the camping forward at a time when the internet was starting to become pretty powerful.

The competition was tightening.

Until about fifteen years ago a local company began offering canoe descents along the Sella River.

Yes, the wonderful river that flowed right in front of our campsite!

We were worried about the possible overcrowding of our rural environment but, we once we saw how happy customers arrived after having made the descent we decided to include it in our list of recommended activities.

With time, we began to give it some thought.

Why depend on other suppliers when we have a pier and direct access to the river Sella ourselves?

Would not it be more logical for us to offer this activity when we already have all the necessary facilities?

And so it was that one fine day, we made a decision that we have never regretted.

That day we bought a van, a trailer, 20 canoes and all the equipment our new clients would need: vests, watertight boats, paddles …

And that day we created our new business: Canoas La Chalana

We were so nervous!

Would people be attracted to the idea of ​​staying at a campsite from where they could comfortably practice canoeing?

Would this new adventure work for us?

The answers to our doubts were immediately apparent.

Yes, our customers loved the descent of the Sella River without having to worry about logistics and travel!

And yes, little by little, our adventure worked.

At times we were even short of equipment!

There was more and more demand.

There were increasingly more active tourism and adventure sports fans!
Soon, the descent of the Sella became the star activity in the Picos de Europa region!

More and more people knew how to appreciate the value of our family business, the value of an unpretentious business whose main goal was for clients to enjoy their escape without having to pay a fortune.

And so, little by little, our humble project grew.

We bought more canoes.

We bought another van.

And all the equipment and permits necessary for our customers to feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Today, we have a capacity of about 150 people.

Would you come and meet us?